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The Psychiatry Talks

Psychiatry is the mind baffling, and psychologically authorizing which includes different stages of psychological conditions starting from neuropsychiatry to over-all mental conditions. Psychiatry is the principal branch of science focus on the analysis, treatment, and expectancy of psychological and behavioral changes.

There is a huge number of psychiatrists and mental health professionals who are working on developing novel strategies and medication to improve the mental health of the patients. So, THE TALKS has decided to get all these professionals right from academics to industry, together under one roof in getting the broader spectrum of understanding on THE TALKS ON PSYCHIATRY AND MENTAL HEALTH.

One more main advantage of attending THE PSYCHIATRY TALKS is the location where we would like you to explore. San Antonio, Texas is one of the prime locations in the United States which has a rich colonial heritage alongside the interactive sessions. Click here to register for THE PSYCHIATRY TALKS

Sessions at Forum

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Child Development and Behaviour

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mental Health

Cognitive and Behavioral Practice

Clinical Psychology

Women’s Mental Health

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Bipolar Disorder

Yoga & Meditation

Psychiatric Nursing

Holistic Approaches to Mental Disorders

Nutrition Psychology

Personality Disorder